Where Do Your HF4C Donations Go?

by | May 11, 2021 | Donors, Families, News, Uncategorized


At Health Fund For Children (HF4C), we raise funds to provide uninsured children with the quality healthcare they need. Families come to us when they are unsure where else to turn. Many families are faced with impossible medical costs for critical needs for their children. Your donations allow us to provide those funds when they are most needed. 

In this article, we will share how your donations support our organization and the children we serve.

First, a little about our Genesis. 

The first child we helped “unofficially” was named Genesis. She was an undocumented Mexican girl who desperately needed cardiac care. Without being officially registered by the IRS we reached into our community to raise and provide the funds that were needed. Genesis means the point at which something begins! We were so inspired by the outpouring of support for this little girl that we knew we could do this for more children facing similar challenges. It is poetic that HF4C came to be because of Genesis. 

Today, HF4C is a nascent organization emerging and evolving for the sole purpose of helping children receive health care. We became an official nonprofit organization with 401c3 status during the COVID pandemic summer of 2020. 


Our Volunteer Staff

Most nonprofits have a paid staff. Some have thousands of employees while others have only a few and then rely on volunteers to fulfill the nonprofit’s mission. We are currently a charitable nonprofit organization of volunteers. We will continue to assess the needs of our nonprofit and make decisions about our staff as HF4C grows. However, at this time, our volunteer staff serves HF4C with abundant willingness and great heart. 


Our Board of Directors

The board of directors at HF4C does not receive a salary. Our Board is made up of health professionals, education veterans and community members who have seen firsthand the needs families face. This team is committed to ensuring that the vast majority of donations go directly to the children who need health care. Through partnerships with the community, HF4C has developed a relationship with a marketing company that has donated their time and resources for our website and various other marketing needs. Our social media presence is managed by volunteers. A nominal percentage of funds raised is used for administrative costs. 

At Health Fund For Children, we want to help as many children as we can. It remains our highest goal to make sure that children receive the donations you generously give. 

Quality health care supports a child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development, & aids in their ability to reach full potential. Health Fund for Children will financially assist children to receive much-needed health care.