Health Fund for Children Launches New Website and Marketing Efforts

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Donors, Events, Families, News, Partners

Health Fund for Children Launches New Website and Marketing Efforts

As Health Fund for Children enters its second year of existence, we are proud to announce that we are launching a new website and refreshed social media efforts to help us reach more donors and families that need help. 


The New

In early 2021, HF4C learned of a Charleston-based branding agency that works with nonprofits to develop their branding and online properties. When we contacted Bear Paw Creative, they offered to complete the website design and development at no cost to HF4C. Bear Paw has agreed to provide hosting in perpetuity free of charge as well, essentially eliminating our costs to build and maintain a website. Bear Paw will also be helping us to create marketing materials as needed in the future. 

The new is a visually inviting, easy to use website that is designed to be accessible to all visitors. 

  • Incorporating a translation option provides access to users even if their first language is not English. 
  • By expanding on the Health Fund story, Bear Paw was able to produce a six page, search engine optimized website that will help us reach donors and families and forward our mission. 
  • Donations continue to be received easily on the new website and donors can learn a bit more about HF4C before giving. 
  • The “Need Help?” section of the website has been built out to include valuable resources for families and an easy to complete initial contact form making it easier to start the process of getting help for children. 
  • We have expanded on our story to include information about the HF4C Board of Directors and Advisors, highlighting the amazing team we have. 
  • The HF4C blog provides helpful articles, news and information to our website visitors. 

Visit the new website to learn more about how you can help children receive the quality health care they need to thrive and grow. 


Our Enhanced Social Media Campaign

With the addition of a new board member, Scarlett Arreola, Health Fund for Children will embark on a social media campaign that will reach more of the audience we need to further our goals. With the use of our new brand standards and visuals, the HF4C social media pages will aim to build a recognizable brand amongst our social media followers and friends. We will engage with visitors and provide important updates for our donors. 


Check out HF4C on Facebook to like, share and comment on all that’s going on with us. 


Quality health care supports a child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development, & aids in their ability to reach full potential. Health Fund for Children will financially assist children to receive much-needed health care.